ChocoGraph – Graphic design history from 1900s

Derrick Lin


Design: Katona Barbara
Consultant: Szigeti G Csongor
Photos: Szigeti G Csongor, Katona Barbara
Printer: Digitalpress
Project Type: Student Project
School: Eszterházy Károly Egyetem
Tutor: Szigeti G Csongor
Location: Eger, Hungary
Packaging Contents: White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, Cardboard
Printing Process: Digital printing, matte foiling

ChocoGraph is a chocolate series that contains the history of graphic design from the 1900s, Bauhaus.

The brand can be useful for those who prefer learning the history of graphic design in a more playful way. All the pieces are in square format and has two or more collectible cards. One card shows the 2-coloured illustration, and the other one is the replica of the original artwork. In the back you can see a brief description of the era and the styles. We can see a timeline of graphic design if we put these chocolates together. In the sides you can see the era’s name, the artist name, and the date. Design universities can also distribute these chocolates for the upcoming students to learn something useful.

Based on my experience a lot of designer student don’t want to learn these dry historical texts. That’s why I did a sweet chocolate packaging for it. You can eat a piece of white or dark chocolate while you are reading some information.

There are 10 packages and 1 premium package that can be a gift for your best friend. The premium one contains all of the 10 pieces, so it’s a perfect gift for a birthday or even for Christmas.

What’s Unique?
This project is unique because you can see the history of graphic design in a different way. I combined joy with learning.