Packaging You Shouldn’t Miss In November 2018

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Derrick Lin


Packaging of the World presents the top 10 posts for the month of November 2018. They are selected according to their post views, social shares, social likes, re-tweets repins and people reached. All these data were collected on this website and also on different platforms like our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest page. These projects will definitely inspire you for your next design project, you can also submit your packaging project here!

Selfish vodka packaging design by Nova Brand

Sometimes a man just needs to disconnect and enjoy his own company. Take a rest from the things that create all the noise in his life. The only essentials then will be silence and alcohol. He has to be a little selfish and bring his own party with him.

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Filè meat specialties packaging design by Liquid Diamond – Creatori di identità di marca

Creation and launch of a new brand of meat specialties, the name, brand, packaging and web strategy.

Through the detailed study of the market, the competitors and the products that will be launched in the meat preparation sector, we have defined the general framework.

In this way, we were able to identify the most relevant areas of value that should be communicated and the factors that distinguish the brand: the artisan approach to taste and the quality of the ingredients, combined with a standard of control and safety that only the large industry can to guarantee.

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Juicy Lover Lubricant for him & her – packaging design by Existence Design

In this packaging planning, we try to use the positive, diversified, and amusing design thinking to blend into the package; especially in the cube-shaped(正方體) outer package, the storyboard of intimate actions between the both sexes is merged; no matter how you rotate the four sides of the package, the pictures of the intimate relationship can be combined; in addition to interpreting the product’s significance in itself, the design power is utilized to transmit the brand’s health attitude humorously and healthily.

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Oro olive oil packaging design by fagerström

Brand and packaging design for Oro, an extra virgin olive oil brand. The design stands out for its simplicity, using shape and color as basic elements to represent the origin and purity of the oil.

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Nuna Cold Brew packaging design by NEV

Nuna Cold Brew Coffe asked us to develop its logo, identity and label of its Cold Brew. In order to achieve a memorable experience we decided to reflect the passion of connoisseurs of good coffee in a risky and conceptual way. The collage was my best ally, that is why mixing portraits and vintage illustrations with elements that connote personality.

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Borjomi Winter 2018 mineral water packaging design by Reynolds and Reyner

Holidays are a special time when magic is in the air and any detail in everyday life can cause a special, high spirits. IDS Borjomi International took care the holiday mood didn`t leave consumers during the whole winter period. For this purpose, limited-edition holiday package and an updated Borjomi label were released, which are imbued with pre-New Year spirit and bring a good mood.

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From Nature Dried Fruit packaging design by Hi Nio

From Fruit Nature, the client wants to present the original fruit of dried fruit, and after thinking about the market difference and the challenge of self-illustration, I decided to paint the light fruit that I saw with brilliant colors.

The rolling type of the side waves symbolizes the fluttering of the dried fruit water, which also allows consumers to quickly attract attention. After touching the package, the paper can be found to have different touches. It uses 230P high-color painting paper and four-color printing on the printing. Characteristic silver, water light, hot stamping, the characteristic silver of the background highlights the meticulousness of the illustration.

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Vivevive underwear packaging design by Contentformcontext

Starting from the belief that the most natural body is the most beautiful, we created a graphic that abstractly expresses the natural curve of the female body. The cheerful curve that connects the letter ‘v’ and ‘e’ in wordmark symbolizes positive mind, like the slogan ‘More comfortable than habit and more natural than you.

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The Little Chef packaging design by Carpenter Collective

Developing the brand identity for The Little Chef was part naming, part brand exploration, part packaging development and part experimentation with Digimarc’s new invisible barcode technology. Digimarc has developed technology so that designers no longer have to place ugly barcodes on their packaging forms ever again. It’s pretty exciting that the entire packaging piece is a connected package allowing you to literally scan anywhere on the box with a POS scanner or phone. The Little Chef brand identity and packaging system was a perfect opportunity to showcase this new technology.

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Lesters sausage packaging design by lg2

Lesters was founded in 1931 in Montreal. More than 85 years later, the time had come to refresh its branding so that its packaging stood out from the competition on grocery store shelves. Thanks to a refreshed, dynamic graphic identity and a nostalgic but entertaining photographic approach, the brand celebrates its heritage in the spirit of “fun food.”

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