Cotswold Green: a Non-Alcoholic ‘Spirit’ concept



Design: WowMe Design
Project Type: Concept
Location: UK
Packaging Contents: Non-Alcoholic ‘Spirit’
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle

As it’s dry January we’d like to share the concept design we’ve produced for a new Non-Alcoholic ‘Spirit’ called Cotswold Green.

The brand could adorn the bars of the most fashionable hotels or be equally at home in the drinks cupboard. It needed to stand shoulder to shoulder with its alcoholic counterparts, but command its own presence, reflecting the traditional distillation process and some of the carefully selected Botanicals.

Whatever the reason, it’s a challenge when looking for a non-alcoholic, sophisticated drink. There’s only so much cola and juice you can drink!
With global brewers and distillers introducing more alcohol-free drinks, and the demand for teetotal offerings increasing, consumers are certainly more at ease with this change in lifestyle. The trend looks to be continuing for the foreseeable future, and we wanted to challenge our own creative team to develop a brand that could be a viable option for new products coming to market.

Whilst this was a conceptual project, we believe that this product has scope to be launched into the market as an actual product.