Derrick Lin


Agency: Jekyll & Hyde
Creative director: Mikhail Rakov
Art directors: Roman Kirichenko, Olga Feldman
Project manager: Elena Palamarchuk
Illustrator: Olga Saltanovich
Copywriter: Mikhail Rakov
Designers: Nadya Kulakova, Roman Kirichenko
3D models: Alexey Avduevsky
Trading network adviser: Irina Shalagina
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Digusta Group
Location: Saint Petersburg, Russia
Packaging Contents: Cakes
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic
Printing Process: Flexography

The client contacted the agency with the task of creating a concept for muffins trademark, as well as asking for assistance in the development of the product itself. We had to invent a way to turn a banal cupcake into something original and then create an original brand image which would “hook” the young audience.


In the process of product development, we decided to make the muffins colored. Due to this, the product has a USP. And in order to demonstrate this unique advantage in the most expressive way, we created a huge “black-and-white” world with many strange and expressive characters. As a result, vibrant colorful muffins have become the brightest and most noticeable spot standing out against the background of this crazy gray world.

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