What The Fruit: Hoegaarden Grapefruit

Derrick Lin


Agency: Charsky studio
Creative director: Evgeniy Charskiy
Art direction: Dmitry Izotov
Design: Nikolay Piskurev
Technical Design: Rodion Dyomochkin
Account Management: Daria Makurina
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: AB InBev Efes
Location: Moscow, Russia
Packaging Contents: Hoegaarden new flavor label concept and design
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle

Fruit beer market in Russia is steadily in the rise. AB InBev Efes and Hoegaarden brand – the leader of the wheat beer segment in Russia – caught the trend and launched a new product, grapefruit-flavored beer.
Charsky studio was assigned to develop the concept of the new product’s label design.

While working on the concept we took into account that fruit-flavored beers are considered “female-oriented”, whereas Hoegaarden’s target audience is predominantly male consumers. That’s why it was required that the label design would focus, besides tasty and juicy image of the fruit, on brutality and masculinity themes. Plus, it was necessary to keep the recognizable brand attributes, the classic brand zone.

“The beer market today is changing drastically, as there emerges a lot of local brands of exciting craft beers, says the project’s art director Dmitry Izotov. It’s great that even major brands, playing in the classic territory, do not stand aloof and introduce their consumers to new flavors. I was happy that we were engaged in developing the design for Hoegaarden’s new product. We tried to reflect in the label design both the new juicy flavor, and the traditions of the brand.”

Hoegaarden Grapefruit has already arrived to supermarket shelves and it has obtained both new fans, and those who has long joined the brand’s dedicated bunch.