Design: Dani Gil
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Supay Coffee Roasters
Location: Cusco, Perú
Packaging Contents: Coffee grains
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Doypack
Printing Process: Digital printing

Oni is a coffee brand committed with the environment and supports small producers in Cusco jungle. This product respectful for the culture and the surroundings, inspired me to conceive a package that revalues ​​visual elements of Cusco’s craftsmanship-imagineria in this way we appeal to a remarkable element of regional identity and establish a link to the local consumer and foreign visitors

Oni or Ayahuasca is the term for wisdom and knowledge, this concept took me to elaborate a vibrant, stimulating design with brilliant colors from cusquenian folk art to communicate the richness of flavor and aromas that define the product in its two varieties of toasting, dark and clear, night and dawn.

What’s Unique?
Cusco’s craftsmanship-imagineria and the way show it in the coffee package. Also i wanted to show other side of Cusco’s art