Packaging You Shouldn’t Miss In January 2019

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Derrick Lin


Packaging of the World presents the top 10 posts for the month of January 2019. They are selected according to their post views, social shares, social likes, re-tweets repins and people reached. All these data were collected on this website and also on different platforms like our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest page. These projects will definitely inspire you for your next design project, you can also submit your packaging project here!

A down to earth packaging for a down to earth product – Levantes Family Farm Olive Oil packaging design by AG Design Agency

Filled with olive trees, vines and fabulously fragrant wild lavender bushes, Levantes Farm is a vital part of our family, who has been cultivating this beautiful land with abundant love and care, steadily working together to produce excellent products, whilst respecting its wildlife and wonderful biodiversity.

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Consumo Cuidado personal care packaging design concept by Alejandro Gavancho

The idea of creating this packaging, which was a personal initiative, was to show how you can apply a brand identity following the brand concept, creating eco-friendly products, free from chemicals and animal testing. To achieve this, I designed packaging that was minimalist yet colourful, on glass and recycled paper substrates which all transmit the idea of being an eco-friendly brand.

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Lunar New Year Gift Set design by Brandex Agency

All graphic elements and patterns are based on traditional motives. We also replaced the characters on the cards with cute and funny looking pigs. The colors are reflecting the neon lights on the streets of Hanoi every “30 Tết”, the fist day of Lunar new year.

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Dália Sabor da Fazenda milk packaging design by Frente

Concept, visual language and packaging design for the innovative line of dairy products “Sabor da Fazenda”, from Dália Alimentos. The “Sabor da Fazenda” line rescues the characteristics, reliability and care of small farmers to translate the quality and benefits of their products. That’s why the visual concept uses the illustration of a glass bottle of milk, cows, birds and an ancient can used for milk placement, besides other illustrations of farm elements. This illustrations were disposed as a pattern inspired by the visual of an old fashioned tablecloth, also a reference to the ancient and traditional way of making dairy products.

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Ilion Mineral Water packaging design by Anastasia Seregina (student project)

In the Russian language “Iliad” writes as “Илиада” and “Odyssey” writes as “Одиссея”. So the first letters of the names of the two poems and the ampersand between them (И&O) appear on the bottles as a water formula.
In addition to bottles, a cardboard box was designed. It allows you to easily transport two bottles and also retains the readability of the main project idea – И&О as H2O.

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La Paletería by Alex Popsicle packaging design by Focus Diseño Estratégico

¨Paletería by Alex¨ is an entrepreneurship that commercializes artisanal popsicle and has developed a franchise business model in Ecuador. Their fresh and natural popsicle needed a packaging design to expand their national commercialization. The packaging had to be appealing, contrasting and also needed to enhance their artisanal nature, which is why the illustrations were created using colored pencil textures in order to engage the target audience that is composed mainly by children.

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Packaging design by Kissmiklos – Roastopus Coffee Roastery

Identity, packaging design and web design for a new Coffee Roaster in Hungary. Roastopus is a funny but elegant fictional creature, who is a coffee specialist.

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Tinos Packaging Project by

Tinos Project is a self-initiated project about rethinking traditional products’ packaging design. We created a packaging series of products that incorporate in their design, references to their local identity and production process. Our aim was to implement each product a complete overhaul and rethink, not only the graphic design elements of the packaging, but rather the shape and feel as well. Tinos island was chosen as a place to provide, not only the specific products originally produced, but also several triggers for this creative process.

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Cover. Invisible protection – Deodorant packaging design by Mayya Mikhaleva

Each deodorant is an “invisible protector” against sweat and odor, and this sense is preserved in the design. Thanks to the pattern, an illusion is created-the picture of the” defender ” constantly eludes; and the closer to the image, the less it is distinguishable.

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Bitter & Twisted packaging design by Stranger & Stranger

This year’s holiday pack, Bitter & Twisted, features handmade bitters made from exotic and esoteric ingredients along with a cute mixing spoon. Perfect for those winter cocktails.

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