Domovina Slovak national spirit

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Derrick Lin


Agency: DADS Advertising
Art Director: Peter Gašparík
Copywriter: Ida Bírová, Juraj Šulík
Account Director: Lucia Lőrinczová
Photographer: Tomáš Hulík
Illustrator: Rudolf Cigánik
Brand Manager: Judita Šipekiová
Print: Etiflex
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: St. Nicolaus
Location: Slovakia
Packaging Contents: Spirit
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle with paper label
Printing Process: Double side ofset printing, foil stamping

Borovička is a kind of national spirit in Slovakia. Juniper-berries are a part of the Slovak history, since we can remember they are the “spice” of the Slovak nation.

We gave this premium, craftedly made Borovička, which si made of hand-picked Slovak juniper-berries, extra fine spirit and crystalline pure Tatra water the name Domovina (Homeland). Homeland means in Slovak a place, where a person is born, his home country or region.

Homeland is not only a place on the map but also in our heart.

We know it all our life, we like the way it is. When we travel to foreign countries we take always a piece of homeland with us. The product itself as well as his design is created as a mission/message/herritage and a gift that the Slovaks can take with them abroad. The modern and simple logo is completed with a classic pen drawing that defines the type/kind of spirit. The overall label design creates the impression of a postcard from the place where Borovička originates. Due to the transparent bottle we decided to use on the inner side a photo of the Liptov region from Slovak photographer Tomáš Hulík. From the outside a drawing of the Liptov landscape from the academic painter Rudolf Cigánik is shown. The Slovak theme is stressed also by the “Slovak legend” symbol which is based on the Slovak national emblem and placed on the bottle neck.

What’s Unique?
Domovina (Homeland) is exceptional in the way it is designing the key message. The double-sided label along with the transparent bottle have created a look inside the bottle, where the landscape/homeland image is located. Domovina (Homeland) is inside us, in our heart, as shown on this product.