Designers: Alberto Troni, Tien Pham, Ken Hwang, Yier Chang, Kendra Monterrosa
Project Type: Student Project
School: Academy of Art University
Course: GR 426 – Package Design 4
Tutor: Tom McNulty
Location: San Francisco, CA
Packaging Contents: Groceries, Health & Beauty, Fashion, Home Decor
Packaging Substrate / Materials: All made of recycled materials, Cardboard, Glass, Metal, Paper
Printing Process: Digital Printing, Foil Stamping

As a team, we were asked to create a brand identity for a new retail store with an extensive corresponding product line. We created Ético, a concept store based in Berlin. Our objective was to inspire and educate future generations to shift towards an environmentally and conscious future for our planet, which faces problems such as pollution, waste and unfair labor practices.

Ético uses a wide range of ecologic and recycled materials, paired with a clean yet impactful label design representing the great diversity, innovation and character of a truly sustainable design. Ético has four dedicated sub-brands: Groceries (Terra), Health & Beauty (Igea), Fashion (Hera) & Home Decor (Atlas).

What’s Unique?
Ético is new concept retail store that provides fair trade and environmentally friendly products from around the world.

Atlas is the homeware and interior decor line. It brings new and uncharted territories home by collecting pieces of the world and the stories they have to tell. It is characterized by cultured aesthetics, craftsmanship and functionality.

The idea behind the design was to create a simple, raw, and direct experience for the customer. To minimize the environmental impact and save costs, every packaging structure is engineered to be built from single sheets of recycled cardboard without the need for glue.

Igea is the health and beauty line that centers itself around all things natural to better yourself inside and out. It is the pinnacle of fair trade skincare, and it is intended to ensure a healthy complexion with a colorful line of staple products.

Igea features a cohesive line of plastic-free products inspired by botanical elements. The label’s simple typographic expression, paired with botanical drawings, delivers information immediately with a thoughtful hierarchy of content.

Terra is the food line Ético offers, and it carries a wide selection of fair trade products. Terra wants to help guide your taste buds around the world with our thoughtful packaging and quality primary ingredients.

Our objective was to encourage consumers to shop with a sense of trust, knowing exactly where the product comes from and who made it. Terra’s typography-driven labels create a sense of balance in the design that aims to be informative, trustworthy and honest.