Fizzy Goblet

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Derrick Lin


Design: Meghna Deori
Project Type: Student Project
School: Unitedworld Institute Of Design
Course: Product Design
Location: India
Packaging Contents: Footwear packaging ( Jutti )
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper , leather based handle
Printing Process: Digital printing

Goal: To develop an innovative Jutti packaging for the brand FIZZY GOBLET

That’s what Delhi based footwear brand fizzy goblet is all about , it always tries to add that fun element in their pink FG trunk . Fizzy G’s people believe that their packaging should always be as fun and interactive as their cool juttis and secondly they always want to surprise and see happy faces of their customers each time they take these cool pink trunk packaging with them.

What’s Unique?
Witness a unique and innovative Jutti packaging which is beyond just unboxing! It’s not just an ordinary cuboidal box packaging…there is lot more inside it !