Label Manufacturer: Royston Labels
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Worka>
Client: St Tropez
Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Self-tan products, Cosmetics
Printing Process: Flexography, Screen printing

We drew on our celebrated Wrapeel technology to manufacture a range of attractive, functional labels for St Tropez’s iconic self-tan products.

St Tropez is one of the most celebrated beauty brands on the planet, world-famous for its high-quality self-tan products. Recently, the Royston Labels team was invited to manufacture the labels for some of St Tropez’s best-selling products, including their Classic and Express Bronzing Mousses, the Purity range, and two scented varieties.

With so many different labels to manufacture there was a need for various methods and materials. Certain products required a clear label – for the Classic Bronzing Mousse and the Express Bronzing Mousse we printed on clear PE85, using screen and flexo to display the text in black, white and blue.

Other products, such as the limited edition Whipped Marshmallow Bronzing Mousse, required a different finish. For this product we printed a pink and cream label on white PE, creating a shimmer effect with a silver pearl varnish floodcoat and embellishing with silver cold foil.

With a number of these St Tropez products we were able to utilise an original Royston Labels format: Wrapeel. These labels combine the 1, 2 or 3-ply peel & read format with a full-wrap, and are designed for use on cylindrical products where space is a premium.

For the Express Bronzing Mousse we manufactured a Wrapeel overlay, colour-matched to the blue bottle and embellished with spot gloss varnish. The release varnish on the base label and the adhesive deadener on the overlay allow for the top label to be smoothly peeled back, revealing application instructions underneath.