Dulce Amanecer

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Derrick Lin


Design: Camila Kei Gutierrez Nakanishi
Project Type: Student Project
School: UDEM
Course: Materials & Forms
Location: Monterrey, Mexico
Packaging Contents: Coffee & Sugar
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Wood, concrete

The project consists of the design of packaging of various materials where the form will be explored at its maximum expression, boxes were not allowed. The knowledge of information, materials, and forms was applied through a package in which I explore with experimental materials. We could use one or several materials. It was important to make use of different materials.

We had to deliver 2 packages with high quality, functionality, and labels. Also had to consider the needs of the product and the customer, such as weight, temperature, permeability, transportation. The design of the shaped packaging was free to choose, and it was important that the 2 packages were part of the same concept.