Fukusaya × Starbucks Reserve Roastery Tokyo

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Derrick Lin


Design: Keiko Akatsuka
Project Type: Produced
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Packaging Contents: Castella cake, rusk

‘FUKUSAYA’ and ‘Starbucks Reserve Roastery’ opened in Tokyo on Feb 28th, 2019.

‘FUKUSAYA’ is a pastry brand of Japanese traditional egg sponge ‘Castella’ what came from Portugal in Edo Period founding almost 400 years ago way back in 1624. Although castella is a popular Japanese-style confectionery in Japan, and there are many castella brands, it is described that ‘FUKUSAYA’ is the oldest original brand.

The contents of co-developed product are 3 kinds of 2 size castella cake and 1 rusk made from castella scraps.

​​​​​​​The most important thing to express the newness was the expression of the color used for the package. In today’s world, where more simple reality is sought, we chose yellow and brown, which give a strong image of the product itself. Especially yellow is the color used by the brand from before, but the color is adjusted more modernly.

We also paid attention to the package box. Though it is a box that does not require wrapping paper, it was established as a gift, and we thought of a box that is easy to take out cake and easy to store. It can also be used as a cake plate. Of course we did not forget to leave the sweetness and elegance of the Japanese style in the package. Souvenir culture is important for Japanese people. The atmosphere of the classical package will further grab the mind of the customer and be expressed as one of the most fashionable Tokyo souvenirs suitable for the present age.

A co-developed gift product with a 400-year-old Japanese traditional sweets brand and Starbucks, which opened a store in Tokyo for the fourth time in the world.

By using the 150-year-old drawing owned by the sweets brand together with the icon that symbolizes the location of the store, oldness and newness are indispensable to continue the history of both from now on,
It expresses that this encounter is wonderful.