Poseidon Specialized Cleaners

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Design: Circus design Studio
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Poseidon Specialized Cleaners
Location: Volos, Greece
Packaging Contents: Detergents
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic jerry can
Printing Process: Digital printing

Poseidon is the ambitious effort of a Chemical Engineer to develop a variety of professional, quality detergents, specially designed for each use and environmentally friendly products.

Giving focus to the Greek origins of the products, the mixing of raw materials and the dominant role of the liquid element, we have attempted to design a logo that combines these gestures and will represent the brand name of the company. In the final result the trident, as a symbol of God Poseidon, is the tool that creates the stirring of the materials in a container, while at the extension this implies – an abstract – Greek flag.

The color choice of the visual identity of the company was made to communicate the same messages, but also with the prospect to incorporate with a wide range of different hues during the detergents labels design. A dozen of colors that produce strong contrasts with dark blue and bulky titles were used to create tension in the view of Poseidon’s packaging.

In the applications of the corporate identity of the laboratory it was necessary to maintain the pure white that transmits clearness, while for the distinction of the products we composed simple but dynamic illustrations that represent the use of each detergent.

What’s Unique?
The use of modern iconography and a wide range of colors to communicate different uses.