Yayyy.co, on the go



Manufacturer: Yayyy.co,LLC
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: San Francisco
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Kraft Paper Stand Up Pouch
Printing Process: Foil printing, laser cut

We designed this Kraft Stand-up-Pouch with a custom window shape and foil printing on the back to make ourselves stand out. It was a great advertisement opportunity to get people talking about our brand. We want to showcase our laser cut & unique foil printing techniques in order to show how other brands can be just as and even more creative.

What’s Unique?
One of a kind laser cut technique on Kraft paper bags. With laser cutting, we can cut any shapes desired within a fraction of a second. Also very special is our first of its kind foil printing technique that can print 3 colors simultaneously without puncturing the bag.