Design: Anton Ziverts
Project Type: Produced
Client: Pizzeria “3min&GO” (new project Pivzavoz Group holding)
Location: Russia, Ekaterinburg
Packaging Contents: Fruit drinks
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic bottles
Printing Process: Eco-solvent printing

Very often, when selling products of its own production in various fast food establishments or shops, very little attention is paid to how the packaging looks. As a result, such products do not compete well with the products of well-known brands sold in the same institution, because they are lost on the shelf. To increase sales of the line of fruit drinks of own production in a network of fast food establishments 3min&GO it was decided to make a redesign of labels.

During the search for a solution, it was decided to print labels on transparent film. This label looks bright, stylish and at the same time allows you to see the product in the package. The main emphasis was placed on writing the tastes of drinks due to the bright font and wordplay (word division and word wrap line by line), images of berries and fruits were moved down and play the role of additions in the design. As a result, the packaging is remembered and attracts attention.