Design Agency: 不毛 nomo®creative
Creative Direction: Yu Chien Lin
Art Direction: Chi Tai Lin
Graphic Design: Yu Chien Lin / Wun Siang Huang​​​​​​​
Project Manager: Yu Chien Lin
Client: A SCENT Essential Oil
Packaging Content: Essential Oil
Location: Taiwan

A SCENT is positioned as an innovative and bold lifestyle brand covers three major series of essential oils, organic care (Skincare) and Fragrance. Using material made by Taiwan’s supplier who has forty years of experience, they are the only fragrance brand that marks the main components of essential oils on the package. Allen, the founder of A SCENT, has been in touch with skin care since he was 12, through years of experience and faith in popularizing life aesthetics, he launched A SCENT, the brand of essential oil.

To take the brand image to be connected to the local culture, we took house structure and architectural totem of the traditional house in Taiwan as samples, integrate the image of the roof into the symbol and draw the exclusive pattern from the window and floor totem for every flavor of essential oil. We also applied the logo to the shape of the stone diffuser.

In the packaging design, we emphasize the brand vision of pure natural, simple and surprising. The outer box is in a black and white simple form while the inner part is arranged with visual patterns. Through the process of opening the box, a surprise experience would come after seeing the inner pattern connected with the bottle of essential oil.