Choice Bit of Calico



Design: Mikaela Armstrong
Project Type: Student Project
School: University of Minnesota, Twin-Cities
Course: Packaging and Display
Instructor: Hannah Johnson
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Packaging Contents: Cooking oils
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Tin bottles
Printing Process: Digital Printing

Choice Bit of Calico is a set of vintage-inspired cooking oils based on design vernacular of the 1920s. Each oil is represented by a popular woman from the era, playing to the title, which is 20’s slang for ‘desirable woman.’

From the back of the bottles: Choice Bit of Calico is a 1920’s slang term for desirable woman. Our cooking oils come with all of the class, flavor, and spunk of a 1920s flapper. Over the years, we have perfected the combination of historic extraction with modern organic practices.

What’s Unique?
This is design authorship at its best! The entirety of this student project is conceptualised, designed, illustrated, written, and photographed by the student herself.