Happy Conduction 樂傳導



VI、Visualizer: 林君璇 Lin,Jun Xuan
Visualizer: 李佳美 Li,Chia Mei
Copy Writer、Exhibition Design: 黃彥鈞 Huang,yen chun
Packaging structure: 汪家莉 Wang,chia li
Project Type: Student Project
School: 國立臺中科技大學 National Taichung University of Science and Technology
Tutor: 李貴連 Lee Kueilien
Location: Taichung, Taiwan
Packaging Contents: Happy feeling
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, Cardboard
Printing Process: Digital printing

Our creative conceptual packaging project is to use materials to package immaterial messages – in this case “Happiness.” Happiness are fashioned into 23 tangible boxes. In these “happy cases”, it is through the presentation of different occasions, concepts, and surprises, viewers that lead to the realization, reminiscence and collection of happiness.