Strokes- Creatives Paint Toolkit

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Design: Kritika Jain
Project Type: Student Project
School: Mit Institute Of Design
Course: Graphic Design
Tutor: Sirish
Location: Pune, India
Packaging Contents: Colour palette, a water container, round and flat brushes, a fan brush, an angle brush, brush container and brush holder
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Metal Tin
Printing Process: Digital printing

The project revolves around practical packaging of paint brushes. Nothing explains the brand name better than the word ‘strokes’ which translates as the act of creating a mark using brushes. the packaging would would keep the brush bristles in the perfect state, leading to better applications and hence creating perfect strokes. The thought lead to the use of the phrase ‘Evoke with style’ crediting the role played by a paint brush in bringing out an artwork, also adding a little more character to an artist’s toolkit.

The brand name has been glorified using a lot of mix media explorations, where the textures and colour blotches have been created using different painting techniques, and later enhanced digitally.

A small survey helped identify the key problems around the purchase and maintenance of paint brushes. The present packaging pattern of the product compels the buyer to look for an additional mobile storage, adding on the expenses. Considering all the problems, I came up with a compact solution to all the brush woes.

What’s Unique?
The package consists of a colour palette, a water container, a wide array of round and flat brushes, a brush container and a brush holder. The package also includes a fan brush and an angle brush, based on the artist’s need. All the components are arranged such that they consume less space and keep all the materials intact, making Strokes the perfect toolkit an artist has ever had.

The product comes with a good range of painting basics, compactly collected in a smart packaging, running easy on the pocket wile also adding more style to an
artist’s toolkit