DS1 branding agency

Санкт-Петербург, Россия

Design: Branding Agency DS1
Project Type: Produced
Client: Zharenki brand, Morozko company
Location: Russia
Packaging Contents: Fried dumplings
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Polypropylene

Chew and run! DS1 branding agency has updated the image of the flagship brand «Zharenki» from the «Morozko» company producing fried dumplings.

The first visual impression always plays a huge role especially when we talk about frozen food packaging. According to the statistics, frozen products refer to the impulse demand goods so consumers make decisions about purchase right at the store. In such situation packaging becomes the key way of communication with the consumer.

Before creating concepts for participation in the tender, the DS1 team highlighted the speed of consumption like main communicative factor. The target audience of the product is young enough, they are eager to live life to the fullest and sometimes just have no time to prepare food.

It was necessary for packaging design concept to solve the following tasks:

  • to identify the goods on the store shelf;
  • to distinguish its among competitors in terms of storage conditions and location (frozen products are stored in fridges which can decrease the visual appeal of packaging)

The winning concept was the one who is easily adaptable to all SKU and meets all specified parameters.

«The main thing we needed to understand was to figure out for whom we are making a product, how life of our target audience looks like and what they love. We managed to make a youth design that boldly shows its bright character and is on the same wavelength with the audience». – says Alena Voitsekhovskaya, DS1 creative designer

The style of drawing was chosen according to interests of the target audience – comic graphics is still trendy thanks to growing popularity of films about superheroes.

«Market research showed that our previous design was too conservative and classic. In addition, the color scheme was quite dark and did not attract the attention of customers. It was necessary to make the noticeable, bright product and create design scheme that will be the basis of brand packaging. We are satisfied with the result of the work with DS1 branding agency, brand awareness among consumers has increased» – says Anastasia Alekseeva, Head of Marketing Department, Morozko company.

What’s Unique?
The realistic tasty food was placed to the forefront surrounded by hand-drawn pictures encouraging to try product. A hand-drawn cutlery (changing in each SKU) interacts with the food zone. The contrast and brevity make the packaging expressive and noticeable on the store shelf. The bright background colors make any side of the box eye-catching even through the glass of fridges. The packaging turned out to be bright and youthful with dynamics and vibration. The graphics and fonts in a brutal grunge style convey emotions and impatience of a person eager to eat.