From Apple products we have only Cider

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Design: Brandmeisters
Project Type: Produced
Location: Moldova
Packaging Contents: Apple cider
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass

Today the concept of “craft” drinks became rather blurry, as every other product seeks to be “craft” one. But there are few truly “craft” drinks, and we were lucky to work with one of those drinks. It is real farm cider, almost handmade, that is released in small lots and under classic receipt. Its creators are horrible conventionalists – in a good way: they are suspicious about fashion and gadgets, so the name that we made up for them – “From Apple products we have only Cider”, following famous joke that is snipping at hipsters and underlines love for authentic and natural products. The line is presented by three flavours: besides original, they have strawberry and peach flavours.