Grand Teton Brewing


Agency: Blindtiger Design
Creative Director: Oceania Eagan
Designer: Chad Gowey
Project Type: Produced
Client: Grand Teton Brewing
Location: Seattle
Packaging Contents: Beer
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Aluminum
Printing Process: Direct Print, Shrink Sleeve

We began working with Grand Teton Brewing as they were celebrating their 30th anniversary. Despite their age, plenty was changing at the brewery. A young core team was in place, ushering in a modern beer portfolio. They also wanted to give answer to their active customer base, swapping bottles for cans. We created a brand that reflected the brand’s history, setting them up for their next 30 years, and paired it with cans that their customers would be excited to take onto the ski lift or into the river.

“We wanted to ensure our new branding points clearly toward where we are going while paying homage to our roots.” — Chris Furbacher, Grand Teton Operations Director

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