Mycoduct Filtration Pod

Derrick Lin


Packaging Designer: Matt Hubbard
Brand Designer: Jess Hord
Product Designer: Natalie Rokosz
Project Type: Student Project
School: Ball State University
Course: BioDesign Special Topic
Tutor: Shantanu Suman
Location: Muncie, IN USA
Packaging Contents: Water Filter
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper

According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, 1 billion people become sick due to unsafe drinking water every year. Because of the wide-reaching effects of unclean drinking water, we wanted to create a simple, safe solution.

Our objective is to provide a tool for individuals to utilize so they can have access to clean water, no matter where they are. Due to the poverty level and other factors that can prohibit individuals to access clean drinking water, there needs to be a small and simple solution that individuals can use to clean their water. To provide an affordable and environmentally friendly option to clean the water, we have created a small filter that uses biotechnology. The biotechnology allows the water to be filtered through natural fungi that purifies the water. Not only is the filter reusable and affordable, but the filter is biodegradable and will not harm the environment.

The packaging design consists of a wrap around the container that doubles as a user manual for the product. The outside of the wrap has the logo on the front and a description of the product and the biotechnology being used. The wrap is lined top and bottom with illustrations of aqueducts to allude to the concept of bringing water. When the packaging is unwrapped the inside consists of illustrations and descriptions on how to use the product as well as the ingredients of the pod.