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Derrick Lin


Design: Victoria Ng
Project Type: Student Project
School: University of Technology, Sydney
Course: Bachelor of Visual Communication
Tutor: Sarah Jane Jones
Location: Sydney, Australia
Packaging Contents: Superfoods
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Envirocare Paper

SoulSister is an innovative brand for all kinds of dried superfood with a high nutritional profile. It is a representation to people who wants to optimise their daily nutrients in a healthy and deserving manner.

Although superfood has become a popular trend in recent years, many people have little to no understanding of its’ amazing health benefits and just how simple it can be incorporated into their everyday lifestyle. More so, when people strive to lose weight or start a new health kick they often fixture their minds on calorie consumption and fad diets rather than having a sustainable diet filled with natural produce. As such, the nutritional information is divided into two sections with the most important facts written on the side of the box.

Each individual packaging is designed in a hexagon shape that has scientific connotations (cells) and delivers a strong sense of beauty power. Its’ distinct shape is not only unique in the food market industry but the beak like mouth opening makes it easy to handle and pour. Additionally, a mixture of san serif typeface and calligraphic lettering aims to symbolise the combination of modern science and human emotion. These two notions work hand in hand to deliver the concept of human connection and the functional benefit of the product.

Since SoulSister is a whole food sustainable brand, all packaging uses recycled paper and water based inks. The uncoated yet warm shade enhances the raw and natural finish building a representation that superfood is the root to a healthy well-being. As a staple piece in every pantry, it aims to establish the concept that superfood has the transformational power to heal, protect and revive our soul to a youthful vibrant state. Thus, we should all start our luminous self with SoulSister.

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What’s Unique?
Breaking through creative boundaries, SoulSister aims to use its’ unique packaging to appeal to those who are health conscious, visually savvy and the millennials. The vibrant colours has a pharmaceutical vibe capturing the essence of superfoods being a natural medicine that should be taken everyday and not just a feeling source of nutrient. It rejects conventional use of visual language and introduces geometric patterns and vivid colours to bring the brand to life and ensuring that it will not only stand out in both supermarket and kitchen but radiate within the consumers.