Design: Loonatiks Design Crew
Project Type: Produced
Client: Lucas Sardines
Location: Athens, Greece
Packaging Contents: Canned Sardines
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, Tin
Printing Process: Offset

Lucas sardines is a classic product, They are caught in the Atlantic Ocean since 1896 and the “Yellow Can” has been in the Greek market since 1920, until now it is considered the leader in its category because of its high quality.

We all have memories from ourselves or someone older opening a can of Lucas sardines. Over the years, however, the original design has been changed, modified, resulting in the final picture on the shelf being messy and uncoordinated.

When KAMILARIS S.A. approached us to redesign the Lucas packaging, they mentioned all the above and at the end of the day their main goal was to reintroduce the sardines to the older customers but also introduces them to younger ones.

Having that as a base, we decided to travel back in time and search for the original design of the product. Through our research we found that this products had a great typography based design that reflected their high quality with no unnecessary visuals. Further more, we implement a basic colour scheme in order to indicate the three different flavours, but at the same time having a solid identity on the shelf.

Finally, during our research on Atlantic region sardines, we stumbled upon a huge ecological problem where the oceans, and especially the Atlantic, have turned into huge dumps with vast amounts of human waste that pollute the seabed and choke off marine species. The awareness of this ecological disaster, become the subject of our presentation.