Infused Avocado Oil Spray

Derrick Lin


Agency: Mock The Agency
Designers: Jessica Wooding, Asha Mody
Photographer: Sarah Bolla
Packaging Engineer: Tony MacAllister
Location: United States
Project Type: Produced
Client: Chosen Foods
Product Launch Location: Americas
Packaging Contents: Infused Avocado Oil
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Shrink Sleeve
Printing Process: Flexography

Chosen Foods introduced a new line-up of infused avocado oil spray that combines 100% pure avocado oil with herbs, spices, peppers, citrus, bulbs and roots. As the healthy, delicious, and easy-to-use choice for everyday cooking and baking, infused sprays can also be used to prepare your pan, baking dish, pastries, cookies, custards, and fortified coffees.

What’s Unique?
This collection is uniquely colorful, leaning on the colors of the flavors for it’s inspiration. The color system was developed by Mock The Agency in collaboration with the in house Chosen Foods Creative Services manager Jessica Wooding to represent the rich flavors of the full line without becoming disconnected from the full family of products within Chosen Foods.

For the design, Jessica Wooding and Graphic Designer Asha Mody worked together to create a dynamic, instantly impactful design, featuring the avocado smack dab in the center where the intersection of the flavor color and blank can occurs. This split of the color and white space and placement of the avocado were designed to represent the infusion of the avocado oil with the naturally derived extracts of each flavor and make that really the center stage of the design. One of the biggest challenges for this project was finding a color system that ensured that each color clearly communicates the flavor profile on it’s own, but also works when put in various smaller groupings.

The avocado having a strong focus is carried throughout our avocado oil products and translates to our infused spray lineup as well.