Dog Days Tea Manufacturing

Derrick Lin


Design: Tatjana Savic
Location: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Project Type: Student Project
School: Banja Luka College
Course: Visual Communications
Packaging Contents: Tea
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Aluminium

During my last semester, I was given an assignment to design a packaging for a food/beverage product from scratch. This also included coming up with a brand new product concept, as well as all things that visually make up a brand, such as colors, typography, icons and symbols. Since I’ve decided to go with tea, I spent some time looking at how both smaller and bigger tea manufacturers brand their products. The takeaway was that most designs for this type of product are quite colorful, rich with imagery of plants or fruits, and modern. In order to make my product stand out, I decided to take a slightly vintage approach.

The idea of a vintage illustrations was there from the beginning, so I spent quite some time looking for appropriate imagery. Finally, I’ve found very funny and quirky vintage illustrations of dogs taken from an old child’s book. These are public domain, and depict dogs doing various activities. I’ve connected the activities and moods depicted in the illustrations with tea flavors, which I again matched with packaging colors. Since there are three distinct flavors, I gave each its own coloring, name and illustration.

What’s Unique?
Vintage design combined with humorous, quirky illustrations is something that isn’t seen often in tea packaging. Also, I’ve blended vintage illustrations that originally had nothing to do with tea with beverage flavors and moods they evoke.