Packaging You Shouldn’t Miss In August 2019



Packaging of the World presents the top 10 posts for the month of August 2019. They are selected according to their post views, social shares, social likes, re-tweets repins and people reached. All these data were collected on this website and also on different platforms like our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest page. These projects will definitely inspire you for your next design project, you can also submit your packaging project here!

Honey On The Branch #honey packaging design by Pica Packaging Design Lab.

Honey on the Branch chooses the honey of Xinjiang Dark Bee which dwells only in Xinjiang region. The design team picks black as the base color to show this distinctive feature. The bees gather honey in the valley of Tianshan Mountain, where phoenix lives according to ancient myths. The team draws an illustration about phoenix, and melt the snow mountain into the logo artfully. Unfolding the package, customers would surprisingly find that the honey is hidden in the flower, which result from the team’s die-board design.

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Adidas Ultra Boost X packaging design by After

Adidas gave us the task to design a packaging that would show one of their most important launches of the year. Ultra Boost X are sneakers specially designed for women and their feet, so that was the starting point for the name of the product.

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WOOZU bird’s nest packaging design by Loong Design

The owner is a brand new ready-to-eat bird’s nest brand. It is a Yanwu eco-industrial chain built by the Malaysian government and CITIC Fuying Group. It was officially launched in December 2014. The Malaysian government has appointed a professional Yanyan team. CITIC Fuying Group is responsible for Yan. Construction, management, sales, etc.

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Pereira wine packaging design by Ezi Wine

A new challenge for EZI, create a new brand from Portugal for the SAQ market. The client wanted a unique and refined look to create a powerful shelf impact. Inspired by the decorative ceramics mostly found on Portuguese buildings, many printing effects were used to give depth and texture to the label.

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“Drink beer. Help animals.”
Metazoa Brewing Co. packaging design by Pivot Marketing

Pivot Marketing joined forces with Indianapolis-based, Metazoa Brewing Co. to create a cohesive and standout design for its canning. Through an information-forward design, the creative team wanted to showcase the craft beer, while also calling out what makes them different — Metazoa’s passion for supporting wildlife organizations, with 5% of profits going toward the cause.

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Choco & Co Special Edition packaging design by Isabel de Peque

Packaging, Naming & Branding Special edition of chocolate bars collection for a coffee and chocolate company based in Madrid, New York, Paris, and London. In this edition the different kinds of chocolate had to show a typical material used in each city.

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Tila Airplant packaging design by Paola Parodi, Yolanda Santamaria, Hugo Ribeiro (student project)

The challenge was to create an #ecopackage that would not only protect and transport the plant, but also showcase it in shops and at home.

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Karuizawa 1965 Monyou Edition, La Maison Du Whisky packaging design by Contagious

When Karuizawa – Japan’s smallest distillery – closed in 2000, what remained were 364 casks of rare whisky. In 2006, the precious liquid began to be released and what followed was a series of whisky awards, a cult following for Karuizawa and a dramatic increase in the prestige and value of Japanese whisky.

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Beak Pick! packaging design by Backbone Branding

While observing the way birds ate fruit in an orchard, we came to a conclusion that their behavior is representative to the way man should graze on food and enjoy it in small quantities. Their behavior was precise, taking in their daily dose of sweetness in tiny bits just enough to get a taste of the delightful flavors without overly indulging. This is the way man should consume jams. They are ‘’daily treats’’ to be savored slowly and leisurely while taking pleasure in the moment and the taste rather than to be devoured too quickly.

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UpDn raw bar packaging design by Ohmybrand

Sometimes, in order to look at the problem from a new angle, you just need a little snack. Bright packaging of bars literally illustrates the idea that a tasty and healthy snack can turn everything upside down. Depending on how the bar is rotated, you can see either a cheerful character or a sad one. What remains constant is the UPDN logo, which is equally readable at any turn, recalling that we ourselves choose the mood for the whole day. UPND is a balance of tasty and healthy.

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