Saqqara’s Luxurious Jewellery Boxes

Derrick Lin


Design: Oyster Retail Packaging
Location: United Kingdom
Project Type: Produced
Client: Saqqara
Product Launch Location: United Kingdom
Packaging Contents: Fine Jewellery
Printing Process: Foil Stamping

An esteemed brand creating uniques works of art for the select. Saqqara produces gorgeous jewellery from rings to bracelets of unparalleled quality for exclusive brands in London.

The Saqqara team came to us and asked for a set of bespoke jewellery boxes to house their products. They said that they needed something that would reflect their premium brand and products while functioning well enough to look after the contents. This means that we needed to create a protective layer while making it look elegant.

The way in which we design this jewellery box meant that we could make or break the reputation of Saqqara, they’re trusting us with the customer’s first impressions. Whether you order something online or you buy it in-store, you’ll have to unpackage it to get to the products and so the packaging is the first taste that you’re customer will have! If Saqqara’s customers’ expectations aren’t met, they aren’t happy.

Making sure that the packaging was a protective layer for the contents was important because Saqqara’s jewellery can be quite expensive. We needed to ensure that we could ensure the safety of the jewellery when designing the packaging. With this in mind, we used strong cardboard to reduce weight and maintain rigidity. We then covered this in an alligator-skin style soft-touch vinyl to create that premium feel.

On the inside of the boxes, we’ve used a soft suede to ensure there’s no possibility of the jewellery scratching or getting damaged in any way. Imaginaire receiving a ring or bracelet of this quality and it’s been scratched!

What’s Unique?
We’ve used a foil stamping to superimpose the Saqqara logo onto the boxes. This has meant that you can’t tell where the box ends and the logo begins. The silver colour of the logo reflects the diamonds that they offer and the quality that they produce.