Design: Angie Georgiadi
Location: Athens, Greece
Project Type: Produced
Client: Solido Cosmeticos Naturais
Product Launch Location: Brazil
Packaging Contents: Deodorant, lip balm, face scrub, face cream
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass jar, metal tin
Printing Process: Digital printing

Solido is a brand created by a mom and scientist from Brazil, Geisa. I met Geisa in Sofia, we had lots in common since we had both lived in East Asia and I had the luck to get to know her better and learn the story of her brand. Geisa is a biochemical engineer with a Ph.D in Bioengineering Systems who chose to invest her knowledge in producing her own handmade natural cosmetics. She has created her standard clients in Sofia and is planning to register her company in her motherland Brazil and focus on growing her business. I was really moved and inspired by her words saying that she cannot imagine that when her son grows up he might not be able to enter the sea and by her love and devotion in producing pure products.The brand not only focuses on creating natural cosmetics but also implicates a plastic free strategy via reusable packaging and package free products.

The Challenge

  1. Re-brand her former brand and move from a DIY cute design style to a clean minimal mood that will be able to reflect her purpose and a professional profile in order to grow her market in Brazil and in internationally.
  2. Demonstrate a clean, bold mood representing a “Solid” attitude as the name of her brand stands for in Brazilian “Solido”. The naming stands not only for the solid texture of her natural cosmetics but also the Solid attitude of the brand against the environment with a focus on the sea.

The Solution
A solid, bold typeface to demonstrate the solid attitude of the brand and a mark consisting of a bold cycle representing the earth, the S character which at the same time represents the balance with nature and makes the name of the brand memorable. Finally the water element represents the motive and inspiration of the brand, reducing plastic waste and contributing to protection of the sea.