Spartan Farmers – Organic olive products



Design: DESIGNOUS Creative Agency
Location: Greece
Project Type: Produced
Client: Spartan Farmers
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Organic olive products
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, glass jar

The requested plan:
The branding, packaging and web design for the family-owned “Spartan Farmers“ organic olive oil company in Sparta.

The story:
“Spartan Farmers” Company has been active in the field of olive oil production for nearly 80 years, offering authentic organic products that are distinguished for their quality and unique taste.

The visual depiction:
We created a visual logo, inspired by the circular Spartan shield, whose composition is based on 3 points. The olive tree at the center indicates the object of the business. Then, using the fertile soil, we capture the concept of the farm while in parallel with the meander, we trace the origin of the products. The font that complements the logo is dynamic, with serifs on the edges, in order to give the brand the proper importance.

The color of the corporate identity is the light and fresh pale green, like that one of unripen olive.

Our approach regarding the designing of the packaging of the company’s pure organic products aimed to visualize the history and philosophy of the business. The combination of pastel monochrome and black & white photography, which is embedded in the product line, creates a feeling of nostalgia, reminiscent of tradition, while serving the purpose of modern design.

The website design for the “Spartan Farmers” company was created to meet its needs. On the website, we have implemented modern, minimal and clean design, with the ultimate goal of getting the user to find what they want quickly and easily with just one click.

Legible fonts, high resolution images and targeted content present in detail the company’s philosophy and unique products in the most ideal way. The site is 100% responsive on all screens with easy navigation and fast scrolling, providing a completely enjoyable digital experience for visitors (ui) and an efficient ux.