At Large The Bushranger Collection

Agency: Creative Platform
Illustrator: Dede Putra
Location: Australia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Cumulus Wines
Product Launch Location: Australia
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Bottle, Paper
Printing Process: Offset, Foil Stamping, deboss, high build

At Large is a collection of premium wines centred around Australia’s notorious Bushrangers and the historical events that took place in these now sought-after wine regions.

The first Bushrangers were escaped convicts, fleeing the hardships of the penal colony of New South Wales. Those who made it out had the survival skills necessary to use the Australian bush as refuge to hide from the authorities.

Marked men: By the early 1800’s the term ‘Bushranger’ had evolved to refer to those who abandoned social rights and privileges to take up “robbery under arms” as a way of life. Living on the run, outside of the law and reliant on their skills, connections and individual moral compass.

Marked Regions: These pristine regions of Australia, once famous for the numbers of Bushrangers ‘at large’, are now famous for some of the world’s most exquisite wines.

What’s Unique?
The At Large label is about bringing the historical character of these regions back to life. Through researching documents, illustration period styles and real images of the Bushrangers, we were able to reconstruct these moments in time. The front diecut label creates the shape of 2 label areas, the black side has a debossed texture and gloss varnish to richen the dark colour and contrast against the white area. The marked man “X” graphic is overprinted across the illustration and a high build gloss was used to create a sense of wet ink.