Design: mousegraphics
Location: Greece
Project Type: Produced
Client: Moo Iogurte
Product Launch Location: Brazil
Packaging Contents: Drinkable yogurt
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic

During the design process, the creative team may often face various obstacles, like having to comply with the mandatory text requirements for product packaging.

Various local regulatory demands significantly alter the conceived design for a specific product since the host of information must be placed on the front of its packaging. That was the challenge we faced when working with ‘moo drink’ and the Brazilian market.

We tried to overcome it by actually reversing the notion of ‘back’ and ‘front’ of our packaging. We treated the backside as the one that clearly carries the product logo with no other visual noise.

On the other side of the container, we developed the “MOO” logo vertically with flavour-indicative, subtle colour-coded differentiations. All consumer-related, mandatory information is included below that.
With this design approach, we suggest that the back and front of a packaging whole can be treated as interchangeable and of equal importance.

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