Schwarzkopf Schauma Nature Moments Relaunch

Derrick Lin


Design: baries design gmbh
Location: Germany
Project Type: Produced
Client: henkel schwarzkopf
Product Launch Location: Europe
Packaging Contents: Shampoo and Conditioner
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Eco friendly plastic bottle

Because natural ingredients are continuously on the run, they stay relevant for the thoughtful consumer. Though, those who care for naturalness are now also seeking for more environmental responsibility. Following, the already trusted line “Nature Moments” needed to be updated to stay relevant and to attract even more responsible consumer to the brand.

The design briefing contained:

  • Enhance the natural appeal of “Nature Moments”
  • Modernize visuals to show appealing and gentle natural ingredients
  • Communicate environmental responsibility
  • Integrate the new eco-label

We created an appealing packaging design, that has a strong stopping power and is very playful and designed openly. The design is focusing on the natural ingredients. Therefore, those are displayed in a modern and dynamic way. Inspired by food bowls, because they are very appealing to the conscious consumer, the ingredients are shown in a top view.

Moreover, the open design on the transparent label increases the effect of the transparency of the bottle. So, this is giving contrast to the Schauma baseline, which is now visually clearly separated. Not only by the transparency, rather, because of the emotional focus on the ingredients. Furthermore, additionally to the new design of the ingredients, we did also add illustrations, so that empower the playfulness. Finally, we need to find a good way to integrate the eco-label icon.

Even more, the modern typo does help us to enhance the fresh concept. Especially, the subline “Hair Smoothies” by Nature Moments is refined by a typo and that gives us a “yummie” feeling.

What’s Unique?
We caught up with the latest food trend and used the insights in the beauty sector. But most important is the fact, that this way how we present the natural ingredients reflects the EU-ecolabel certificated bottle material.