activLayr Bioactive Skincare Collagen eye patches

Onfire Design

Agency: Onfire Design
Creative Director: Matt Grantham
Design: Matt Grantham, Georgina Brothers
Production: Michael Nicholls
Location: New Zealand
Project Type: Produced
Client: Revolution Fibres
Product Launch Location: New Zealand
Packaging Contents: Health and Beauty
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Card stock
Printing Process: Flexo, Foil stamping

activLayr is creating a powerful and radical innovation in skincare by combining the unique properties of marine collagen with nano-fibre technology to create an innovative bioactive product. However, with the current brand expression not genuinely reflecting the brand’s proven science-tech background, our challenge was to refresh the packaging as an expert, cutting edge beauty brand at the forefront of science.

To communicate this proposition, we were inspired by the scientific diagram of how the patches deliver nutrients very quickly and very deep into the dermis of the skin, the area where fine lines form. This is also a unique proposition, as competitor products struggle to get beyond the skin’s surface. The diagram was recreated in a scientific circular device visually showing the product penetration. Key front face elements are printed with a holographic foil, capturing various colours in different light and angles gave the pack a progressive science-tech feel. Simple typography in a minimal grid layout and pastel colour coding align with the expectations of the target beauty-conscious female consumer.

We were also aware that the current packaging was not creating the unboxing experience expected of a premium offering. Working with a box manufacturer, we created a sleeve-and-tray system which enhanced product presentation, eliminated the need for a separate instruction booklet while also removing the brands use of a plastic tray by producing it all from a compostable card stock.

What’s Unique?
Reducing the brand’s use of plastic with a new structural design of a new sleeve-and-tray format. All made from a compostable card stock replaces the previous pack design which used an inner plastic tray.