Exclusive Interview with Farrukh Sharipov



We were blown away by a recent submission “Natural packaging for natural products” created by Synthesis creative lab. This unique packaging is an awesome attempt to replace plastic by using dried lagenaria and it is also the first packaging made of vegetable. We have the opportunity to interview the art director of this fantastic creative agency, Farrukh Sharipov.

Q. Hi Farrukh Sharipov, please tell us a little bit about yourself and Synthesis creative lab.
A. I am 27 and I have been working in the sphere of design for 9 years. At the beginning of my career, I worked at different advertising agencies, learned a lot and gained experience. 5 years ago, together with my partner, we decided to open our own studio and named it “Synthesis”. It is great when you and your team have common goals and interests. Together, we try to create something new and to provide innovative solutions.

It is also fantastic to have common ambitions. At the beginning, we wanted to get awards at festivals in Central Asia, this year we won gold at the Epica Awards 2019 with our favorite pumpkin.

Q. What is the inspiration or motivation to create the project “Natural package for natural products.”?
A. We live in an era of mass consumption and frantic traffic. It seems like, people do not have the time to think about what will happen tomorrow with the planet, but environmental issues are becoming more apparent. We have been worried about this issue for a long time. We are for an environmentally friendly consumption system: for rag shoppers, for paper cups. For example, I do not eat meat for a long time.
Being in the context of this situation and looking back to our history, we came up with the idea to create a natural package for the natural products.

Choosing the right lagenaria at a farm in tashkent region.

Q. What are the challenges that you and your team faced during the development of the packaging?
A. There were challenges at each stage of the process. The moment of processing, drawing the logo and other parts of the work were not easy for us. This is the first packaging of such type, so we needed to look for a solution every time. Sometimes not immediately, but we found them.

Q. What gave you and your team the idea of using Lagenaria, are there any other vegetables that were experimented on?
A. Despite the challenges we faced, the process was interesting in terms of learning at all stages of the work. We learned a lot. We decided to look back at history. It gave us information about a hollow pumpkin, which was used as a vessel for food products since ancient times. Therefore, we chose the pumpkin at once, it is ideal for packaging: environmental friendliness, unique shape, pattern and size.
Its biodegradation period is only 1 year. A hard bark provides excellent transportation.

Overseeing the lagenaria drying process

Q. Other than storing dried fruits, what other things do you think are suitable to be packaged in the Lagenaria?
A. Any dried foods: cereals, nuts and spices.

Q. Is the product currently launched in Uzbekistan? Are there any reactions to this product?
A. Yes, the product is launched, and we are happy with that. (Our) customer – the ZERNA coffee shop launched its dried fruits line. We made them an offer with our packaging, they really liked the idea and they launched it. This package, as I have already mentioned, has many benefits. It looks unusual and attracts attention. We hope that other companies will be interested and follow our example, by using gourd as product packaging.

Q. And finally, do you foresee the global market using natural packaging?
A. Yes, I am sure of that! Maybe not in the near future, but the future lies with packaging, which does not harm the environment.