Design: Flowing Design
Location: Taiwan
Project Type: Produced
Packaging Contents: Art badges

Current Design for our old friends at Yunqing Art Center. Jointly developed a series of art products featuring super cute artists: Yumei Nakata

The first wave of limited-edition products- Ikumi Nakada’s artwork badges (a total of three) – Ninjin Hunt, Suika Juice and Ice Cream Phantom

About Yunqing Art Center
Focusing on the original nature of art management, Yunqing has launched many exhibitions and works of contemporary artists that have been well received by the market. With a broad international vision, Yunqing invites and represents artists with a multi-faceted perspective and spans Europe and Asia. The exhibited works of art have both the market, the collection, and the appreciation, continuously nourishing the art circle and providing artists at home and abroad We are a free and trustworthy professional exhibition space to realize the multi-faceted value of art.