School for Disquiet Parents

Derrick Lin


Designer: Eftihia Liapi
Project Type: Produced
Location: Greece
Client: Ikaros Publishing
Packaging Contents: Book
Packaging Substrate / Material: Paper
Printing Process: Offset printing
Product launch location: Greece

“School for Disquiet Parents”, is a series of Parenting – Psychology books, written by Athanasios Alexandridis (M.D./PhD-Psychology) and published by Ikaros Publishing. The series is the result of the writer’s taped evening sessions with a group of parents where they engage in a delightful and informative discussion investigating the various aspects of children’s personal lives.

The objective was to develop a visual identity that would appeal to young parents and mental health professionals, being also open to welcome readers interested in the subject of the human psyche. For this, we decided to pursue a light and clear approach that would convey alertness, call for exploration and wit, highlighting the conversational and enlightening character of the books.

The design approach was centered on creating a framework of typography, colors, and illustrations that would achieve visual consistency throughout the series but nonetheless maintain the interest for each title.

The idea for the illustrations was inspired by the psychotherapeutic process itself –where one is exploring what lies in the shadow. In the same tone, two children – or two disquiet parents – are about to explore their shadow, which in each cover depicts the subject of the book.