Agro-Invest – Basic Collection


Design: Ohmybrand
Location: Russia
Project Type: Produced
Packaging Contents: Vegetables

Umbrella brand of fresh vegetables Agro-Invest

Today “Agro-Invest” is one of the fastest-growing and modern greenhouse complexes of the country, the area of which in the past six years has grown from 20 hectares to 105 hectares. Alongside this, production volumes have increased, and there was a diversification of activities of the company. The brand “Moye Leto” now has new categories of products.

The main production sites of the company are in the Kaluga region where they grow organic tomatoes, cucumbers and eggplants, and in Tula where they grow mushrooms. There is also a new line of business – import of exotic fruits from Central Asia, Africa and South America.

The visual communications of the brand were too narrow and poorly adapted to the needs of an ever-growing brand, did not give the opportunity to develop in new directions and new formats. The increased number of competitors forces the company to expand the audience, form new consumer patterns and diversify the portfolio by developing new lines for different consumption situations and for different price segments.

At the first stage of solving the problem, a strategy was developed that changed the approach to forming new lines and the hierarchy in the existing ones. We decided to focus on those values of our brand which are the unique trading advantages of our products, to make them more obvious to the end-buyer.

We are talking about the special attitude of “Agro-Invest” specialists to all stages of the process of growing vegetables. For the plant selection breeders, their work on the creation of new varieties is a passion elevated to the rank of art, and ordinary buyers become connoisseurs of these works. That is why the principle of forming the portfolio architecture of “product collections” has now replaced the usual lines.

Now 3 collections have already been launched: mass, popular varieties of products are united in the “Basic Collection”, rare selective varieties – in the “Golden Collection”, fruits from around the world – in the “Import Collection”. Any new line becomes a collection of new tastes, new gastronomic experiences, thereby emphasizing the basis of “Agro-Invest” production – serious selective work.

Working with the brand last time, we knew that 84% of sales of “Moye Leto” accounted for wholesale and only 16% for the distribution network, so the priority was logistics packaging. After that, the company changed its commercial strategy – redistributed sales channels and increased the share of network customers. In 2018, 19% of sales were in wholesale and 81% in the distribution network, which has reflected in the priority packaging formats because the main sales are now in various small formats.

In the updated version of the “Basic Collection” we have remained in the territory of taste, have returned to the line the clean and premium look and have changed the stamping-out. The study of fruit and vegetable consumers helped us to adjust the load of packaging and remove all unnecessary information. Since we are working with a nationwide brand that has gained the trust and loyalty of customers, we have left the color and the sun in the logo block (the sign that the previous team proposed). We have also added a deliciously looking food zone.