Derrick Lin


Design: Shuchen Xu
Location: United States
Project Type: Student Project
School: Art Center College of Design
Course: Gx
Tutor: Ania Borysiewcz
Packaging Contents: Salt, Chocolate
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, Acrylic, Cardboard
Printing Process: 3D printing, Digital printing, Laser Cutting, Sanding

Salt has used by humans for multiple purposes with a long history. From food preservation to snow melting. At one point, there were many salt roads built in order to trade salt, made connections between previously unknown civilizations. Morton Salt’s new packaging provides compliments to the indispensable product of our daily life.

The target audience is people who appreciate history and who care about how their dining table and kitchen look like. Through the whole design, the audience can really appreciate the way of how these packages are opened. Enjoy their life with Morton Salt products.

What’s Unique?
The chocolate box can be opened fully, with the opening process it’s like revealing and celebrating the long history of salt, and the way it closes representing how those roads built years ago in order to trade salt bring people from different places together. And the Himalayan boxes were designed for users to have an easier way of restoring, where it can stands in the shelf for them to see clearly the products yet saving a lot of space.