Derrick Lin


Design: Bernardo Covas
Location: Portugal
Project Type: Produced
Client: Tecnipec
Product Launch Location: Portugal
Packaging Contents: Animal feed
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper bags and sachets
Printing Process: Offset lithography

Branding and packaging project for Quintal (it means “Yard”), a compound feed brand for animals in a non-intensive production, including logo design and packaging – 5kg/11lb sachets and 30kg/66lb bags – for 6 products specifically developed for different animal species and life stages.

What’s Unique?
The Quintal logo includes the name of the brand with a farmer’s silhouette inside que letter “Q” because although the product is made for animals, the farmers are the target audience. The brand was created also to be the name of a commercial establishment that offers all kinds of products related to Agriculture, Livestock and Gardening,- Loja do Quintal (it means Yard Store) – nowadays with two locations in Portugal. The Copyright is protected by AVCTORIS. The packaging project includes bags and sachets for 6 species and life stages, with the same identity but different designs for each one, with the animal’s images on the designed Yard with white fence and green landscape. The species and life stages are Pintos/Chicks; Galinhas/Hens; Frangos/Chickens; Perús, Faisões e Aves de Caça/Turkeys, Pheasants and Game Birds; Coelhos/Rabbits; and Porcos/Pigs.