Sharing Love From Daylily

Derrick Lin


Design: Huemon Design
Location: Taiwan
Project Type: Produced
Product Launch Location: Taiwan
Packaging Contents: High-Quality Dried Daylilies
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper & OPP Bag
Printing Process: Die Cut Molding

The cultivation of the daylilies in Taiwan is concentrated in the eastern region, Hualien County accounts for more than 75% of the total production. However, local farmers have no solutions to increase the value of the daylilies. In order to provide consumers with non-polluted crops, we cooperate with a local company to create a branding strategy to reposition farmers and agricultural products and establish a highly recognizable image of the agricultural product from Hualien so that the result can help the development of local industries in long term.

What’s Unique?
The package shows the love from daylily, starting with one blooming daylily above, a beautiful life of daylilies from seed to bloom painted on the sides, and then the spirit with the actual daylilies save in the six different tepals which combine into a whole gift pack. With recommended recipes, the pack can be divided into six pieces for delivering more blessings to friends and families.