Sirim Olive Oil Private Label

Derrick Lin


Design: design VENA
Location: Turkey
Project Type: Produced
Client: BIM A.S.
Product Launch Location: Turkey
Packaging Contents: Olive Oil
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic
Printing Process: Printing Label

The design aims to reveal the naturalness and high quality of the product. The thin belly form of the bottle is referenced to the fluidity of the olive oil droplet. An elegant expression was added to the design with the large leaf grains used on the sides, and the grip direction of the bottle was explained to the user and the hand slipping was ensured. The naturalness of the product is underlined by using the leaf forms, this also strengthened the structure of the bottle. In the label design, an olive tree image was used to emphasize the naturalness of the product. With the use of golden olive trees, it is stated that it is a premium product of high quality.