Derrick Lin


Design: Rahi Ranadive
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: Unitedworld Institute of Design
Course: B.Des in Product Design
Packaging Contents: Gajra – small garland of jasmine flowers
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plantable Seed paper
Printing Process: Screen printing with organic dyes

Gajra, a small garland of flowers generally of mogra, jasmine flower is carried as an accessory – ornament by women.

Gajras are distributed at Indian weddings by the bride’s family to the guests present. Sometimes at the welcome or when the sacred thread is tied along with some sweets. While distributing gajras among the guests, the gajras tend to get entangled within one another, thus destroying the flowers and the impression of the hosts at the same time. To make this clumsy process a bit simpler, there had to be some intervention.

What’s Unique?
Trinaa, a classy and novel packaging marks the first impression of that wedding retaining a surprise element and brings a smile on the face of the guests. The form allows you to hold it joining hands in a ‘namaste’ position, making it more culturally expressive. The transition from being a boat to the blooming of a flower and finally smelling its fragrance uplifts the experience thus being a fresh start to an auspicious event.

The reason to choose upcycled seed paper as the material was the huge amount of guests receiving this package during weddings could help create a huge impact.