Agency: HUEMON Design
Marketing executive: Ken
Location: Taiwan
Project Type: Produced
Client: SUNMAI
Product Launch Location: Taiwan
Packaging Contents: Craft beer
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Die Cut Molding, Hot Stamping

HUEMON excels in enhancing an enterprise’s brand awareness as well as brand identity by designing both impressive and interacting packaging. From HUEMON’s perspective, a well-designed product should have the capability to increase a company’s image in consumers’ minds. In 2019, SUNMAI, HUEMON’s long-term business partner, commissioned the team to design a Chines New Year gift box, hereafter CNY gift box. In order to help SUNMAI to gain a stable market share in CVS channel in 2020, HUEMON has designed a creative and special gift box that met customer’s expectations by doing research about consumer’s buying behaviour and tendencies.

What’s Unique?
As far as HUEMON concerned, a gift box is more than just a box, it should be a thing that makes people want to collect, interact, as well as always remember. Thus, this CNY gift box enables people to interact with and also reusable. The inspiration of the CNY gift box comes from HUEMON design team’s childhood memories. They had fond memories of playing the game “make-believe” when they were children. Therefore, they added this element into packaging design and used the materials wisely to design interactive packaging. In other words, this CNY gift box can literally turn into a Taiwanese catering table that catches people’s eyes!