Derrick Lin


Design: Zai Thakoor, Anshika Agarwal, Nabhya Parmar, Priyal Bafana
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: MIT Institute of Design
Course: B.Des (Graphic Design)
Tutor: Prof. Rajendra Thakre
Packaging Contents: Fruit Peel Bites
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Boxboard, Aluminium (lining)
Printing Process: Roto gravure or Flexography

Due to tight-packed schedules, people are eating small amounts of food more frequently than they have ever before and often outside of mealtimes. Out of these many of us are continuously snacking rather than eating at defined times and thereby lead to unhealthy lifestyles. The greatest concentration of vital nutrients in fruits is contained in the one part often discarded, the peel.

Therefore, we are introducing a fresh range of products in the market under the primary brand name A’PEEL, which serves as a healthy alternative to the regular unhealthy snacking items. This range would include a variety of chips and seasonings made out of dried fruit peels of organic hand-picked fruits.

This would follow for the introductory packs of assorted and individual flavors. This structure has been divided into three parts which also look like fruit slices. This also makes the package more portable and easier to handle. The boxes are made out of boxboard which is lined with aluminum on the inside to keep the food fresh. Each part contains 33g of chips which can be consumed at once during any time of the day.

The Indian market being very picky of what they chose to eat, creating something ‘organically grown and dried wasn’t the solution’. Indians do look for a whole lot of flavor. This is when we decided to pair each fruit with a complimentary essence people choose to normally have the specific fruit with. Opening with an experimental packaging to a niche market was a big risk for the product’s validity and sales, but it sure does stand out on the shelf!

What’s Unique?
Baked and sun-dried edible fruit peels give a crispy snacking experience at any time of the day. The peels are combined with a popular tried and tested flavor. For example, Apple-Cinnamon, Guava-Chilli, and Coffee-Orange. They are small in size so they can be consumed easily and fit into a small package. Includes three different products, namely

  1. Assorted flavor chips pack
  2. Single flavor chips pack
  3. Fine pieces of the dried fruit peels that can be used as seasonings.

This product promotes usage of the entire fruit whose peel is also edible, thereby avoiding food wastage. The nutrients lost while one peels the fruit before eating the insides are gained back. Maximizes flavor and nutrition simultaneously.