Gin Packaging Projects by Hansung University Students

Derrick Lin


Check out the packaging projects of design students of Hansung University, Korea. Student projects have always displayed ideas and creativity not bounded by any restrictions.

Lueast by Kim Sungwon
Reinterpreted using alcohol ‘JIN’. The name is LUEAST. It means rice of the east and plants of the west. I did 3D modeling and made a mockup based on it. LUEAST is a collaboration between the East and the West by giving a curved shape to give an Eastern feel and giving a Scottish color with a blue and white feel.

Jean packaging by hyeminyoon
It is a story about a girl who lost her way to a mall and was helped by an eagle.

Magitical GIN by Steven Shin
I designed Gin with the idea of melting the mysterious and fascinating feeling of magic into Gin.

I was curious about what it would be like to be finished, and I was fascinated by the subject of magic.

We’ve wrapped up our overall package design, finishing with our Perona, Story Telling, Naming, Logo Design, Bottle Design, Labels, and Package Design.

Dokdo Is Alive By Su Yeon Kim
Dokdo is alive. Koreans know it all but foreigners don’t know much about it. This issue continues the debate between Japan and Korea. To promote and support Dokdo, our land in Korea

Gin Groe by park junha

Jin project by sang hoon

Twins Gin Packaging by Jung Yun A
It is a jean package with a minimalist concept and can be easily enjoyed with two friends, lovers and family.

It is two separate structures and you can taste two flavors: apple lime, peach.

SONOTE GIN by Hyejin Choi
I made a gin package like a perfume bottle or a diffuser to differentiate it from the traditional gin design.

My gin design represents a reminiscence of longing and memories.

DEGRETO by Juyoung

Gin package design by Songju Hyun

Through branding, set up gin’s image and designed the appropriate package. It has a brand story related to the village guardian deity and guardian fruit The purple and gold colors associated with the story are the main colors. It is characterized by a logo depicting the guardian deity.

Cozytro Gin by jisu

Duff GIN by Kim ji hyun

Simpson and Marge made Gin at Duff beer!

Lovius Gin By Sang Ho_chae
lovius Gin is designed using courage, luxury and medieval keywords.

Cleon jin project by SEUNG YONG MOON

Gin Project – Tronic By Im Sang Jun
Trophy(Tro) + Tonic Water (nic) = Tronic

Indian Concept Gin Package By Bokgi Chae

Collorful GIN Edition by subin
The brand name means color plus full “full of colors,” meaning to do your best and enjoy your life of different colors.

We project the days that are filled with different colors to the Tetris, symbolizing the “life of hard work.” Tetris, with its shape, represents us who live hard every day and run to our goals.

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