Giorgio Gramegna

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Design: Valentina Tedesco
Location: Italy
Project Type: Produced
Client: Giorgio Gramegna
Product Launch Location: Europe
Packaging Contents: Chocolate
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Wood
Printing Process: Serigraphy

Daring, experimenting and being overwhelmed by the five senses: passion and inspiration are the starting points for the specialities of “Chef Giorgio Gramegna” collection.

These delicacies combine chocolate with the most excellent Italian culinary products, from pistachio to hazelnut, gathered in an exclusive packaging, which mixes the refinement of the wood with an eco-friendly soul by respecting the environment.

The challenge of the packaging of “Giorgio Gramegna” line was to combine a luxury product with an elegant and sustainable packaging. For this reason, the chosen supplier is TABU, an International company and leader of the production of wood veneers.

There is a particular attention to the environment and the product is practical and satisfies all the needs of the large distribution: the design is focused on a system able to guarantee the storage and light materials, without giving up to the refinement of the final product and the environmental sustainability of the production process.

The graphic offer pays tribute to the textures and ex-libris of years ’30th, reminding the middle-class homes and luxurious spaces of the time.

Inspired to past patterns, the textures have been modernized and they substitute the strict graphic elements with product images. In order to represent them, I drew inspiration from herbal charts by showing the raw materials in a very detailed way.

As a result, the textures of the several product collections are different from each other but they keep a leitmotif, which gives a strong identity to the packaging line.

What’s Unique?
Thanks to an exclusive production cycle, the packaging is made of natural veneers resulting from areas of reforestation that are ruled by local expert authorities. The packagings are colored with natural and biodegradable raw materials by assuring their reuse.

Chef Giorgio Gramegna line is unique with its own personality, history, and has a story to tell.