Himalayan Momo Rebrand



Design: Alex Tomy
Photographer: Soch Suru
Location: United States
Project Type: Student Project
School: Maine East High School
Packaging Contents: Momo (Nepali Style Dumplings)
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic Pouch

Hi! I’m Alex (Sophomore in HS), and this was one of my first client projects. I was tasked with creating a package design that would stand out on the shelves. I learned a lot with this project, especially in regard to regulatory labels and disclaimers. I used photoshop to draft my ideas initially but then switched to Illustrator for the print-ready version. This was my first design project for a package, and working on this helped me get a lot of jobs and improve overall as a designer. I tried my best to distinguish this from the usual packaging of Asian food. I used Illustrator for the initial design and Photoshop for the mockup.

What’s Unique?
It stands out from the usual ethnic heritage look of Indian household food packaging. It has a clean and minimal look, or so I like to think.